Tuesday, 9 February 2010

I don't really wanna blog

I don't really want to blog, I'm only doing this so I can look at John's blog and I'm hoping that, by the time he pootles off to Vietnam, I'll know what I'm doing with this blog lark. Well, I suppose I've learned something already as yesterday I had no idea what a blog was or how to comment on it or anything else really, even though my great heroes, the BBC and Radio 4 and the Today programme are always banging on about it. Mind you, I'm not sure why I have to have my own account in order to look at John's but there you go - understanding the philosophy of whole system must be tomorrow's lesson.

Well, dear reader, you must be wondering why it's the 'Chronicles of a dachshund fancier'. Well, because John suggested it, why else? Would I have thought of that sort of thing all by myself - probs not. However, I do love dachshunds, well, my dachshund anyway, so it sort of fitted I suppose and he liked it because it reminds him of pîgeons. Hmmmmm, I can see you thinking, but really, don't ask. One day, if you're very very good, (and if I learn how to do it) I'll put up a picture of my dachshund on this blog thing.

Anyway, being of superior intelligence to most of the human population I am now bored with doing this and I'm afraid that it's time that my beloved dachshund had her night night biscuit; well, it's a dentastix really as the advert said that they are good for their teeth and I always do what the adverts say.

So, dear reader, I am saying good night and if anyone ever posts a comment I shall die of happiness as then I'll be cool and modern and fashionable and very, very trendy. (John hates that last word, that's why I used it.)

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  1. Mrs. Gallon!
    This is excellent, I didn't know you had a blog. I hope you don't REALLY die of happiness, what now that you're cool and modern and fashionable and very, very trendy :)
    Hope you're well.